Sunday, July 6, 2008

OWASP - Ira Winkler & Jeremy Poteet Videos

From time to time, I come across some gems.. in particular, the second video available at link below helps provide some solid perspective on the growing challenges with application security. While many firms don't face the extreme dynamics and poll changing stakes associated with a national political campaign's web site, utility organizations often have legacy systems that are at increasing risk from the same sort of evolving threats.

Also, to give Ira Winkler some credit after bashing his utility sector remarks, his presentation below on organizational security, including risk and how people are a very key element in a security program, are spot on. Focusing more on applications, the second presentation below provides some great insights into defense in depth strategies with some real world perspective.

(1) Index 00:00:00 - Secrets of Superspies- Ira Winkler
(2) Index 01:01:00 - In the Line of Fire: Defending Highly Visible Targets - Jeremy Poteet
Google Video Link (122 min - Oct 13, 2006)

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