Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ira Winkler - love him, hate him- he's making headlines..

  • Experts hack power grid in no time - Network World
    Apr 9, 2008 ... "We had to shut down within hours," Winkler says... "

    Press releases around Ira Winkler's assertions regarding how easy it remains to hack from the Internet into the deepest parts of electric utility critical infrastructure has caught the attention of media, regulators, senior utility management, and security professionals. While Ira's comments go over the top in my opinon when it comes to nuclear reactors and more centered on distributed SCADA- he is a practitioner that doesn't pull punches.

    (1) RSA 2008 - Ira Winkler (ISAG) (7m). Was able to get to nuclear controls - that should have no business network connectivity? Also no "off switch for nuclear" (rant- WTH is he talking about... how about the "off" switch provided by independent safety systems and SCRAM functions??).

    Would you hire Ira to do your next organizational penetration testing? Please comment and/or vote.

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