Saturday, August 8, 2009

BlackHat Smartgrid Worm Attack Simulation - Aug 27th
Live Webcast: Smart Grid Device Security - Mike Davis, IOActive

Updated 9-5-2009

Following BlackHat 2009 in July, the archived webcast below highlights critical research Mike Davis and other IOActive researchers performed on Smart Grid technology.

Davis and other IOActive researchers developed a proof-of-concept malicious code that self-propagated in a peer-to-peer fashion from one meter to the next as part of their effort to identify Smart Grid cyber security risks and threats. Webcast also addresses this attack simulation and discovered Smart Grid vulnerabilities to attack- such as susceptibilities to buffer overflows and root kits.

As one of the top Black Hat conference presentations, this has stirred up further attention to Smart Grid cyber security just as NIST is working to stand up and plow through developing related requirements and standards on an accelerated schedule. For those that missed out on the Blank Hat session, this recap is very informative.

Update 8-20-2009
Davis's Recoverable Advanced Metering Infrastructure presentation slides (23 pages, some thoughtful redactions) are now posted in the Black Hat USA 2009 Archive area.

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