Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cyber Security Happy New Year 2010 - Perspective and Predictions

First Cut 1/2/2009 

2009 Perspective - hot stories and list of lists.
2010 and Beyond Predictions - more hot stories and list of lists. 

  • The Future of Threats and Threat Technologies: How the Landscape is Changing (24 p) TrendMicro, Dec 2009
    - No global outbreaks, but localized and targeted attacks.
    - It’s all about money, so cybercrime will not go away.
    - Windows 7 will have an impact since it is less secure than Vista in the default configuration.
    - Risk mitigation is not as viable an option anymore—even with alternative browsers/OSs
    - Malware is changing its shape—every few hours.
    - Drive-by infections are the norm—one Web visit is enoughto get infected.
    - New attack vectors will arise for virtualized/cloud environments.
    - Bots cannot be stopped anymore, and will be around forever.
    - Company/Social networks will continue to be shaken by data breaches.

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